Custom Design Engineer

Job Summary

Custom/Contract is a business division within the Lighting Business servicing the Project, Hospitality, Architecture, Retail, and Design communities. Furthermore, it is a distribution channel that calls for a specific business set-up to service our target groups – project owners, investors, designers, architects and planners. These customers have specific needs that require comprehensive support.

The Project Engineer will design, develop and coordinate the manufacturing (both in-house and out-sourced) of standard and customized products which meet design and customer requirements with an efficient design to manufacture.

Major Duties and Responsibilities

We recognize people as our most valuable asset. Our competitive salary and benefits package includes: paid time off; medical & dental coverage (including family coverage), vision, life, 401(k); tuition assistance; and continuous training and development.


Please note, all responsibilities outlined in the above job description are subject to change as needed. All efforts will be made to ensure proper notice is given for changes in responsibilities.